I‘ve been writing all my life but only seriously for the last five years.

Not having the courage to try to find a publisher, I self published my first book: “The End of the Pier Affair” – a tale of Canvey teens who take on the world and win; and from there it’s been a bit of a fairy tale. The Aldwych Strand trilogy got picked up by a horror publisher, KGHH, who was looking to branch out – and the rest, as they say, is history. And why call the website Secrets and Lies? Because in fiction: everyone keeps secrets and everyone lies.


Comic-Con Cardiff

Very humbled by the people who bought books today. Hope you enjoy Lucy and Mark’s adventures.

Back tomorrow for the next part of the adventure

The Secret of Aldwych Strand

Is having a bit of a revamp ahead of Wales Comic Con. Further details later

A Storyteller’s Christmas 18th November 2017

Come and see the Southend and local area authors at a Christmas bookfair. We’ll be talking about our books and signing copies. Amazing Christmas Presents. Fact, Fiction. Faction, YA, Childrens. Come and grab a bargain. I’m on at 2.30 talking about Symington Byrd. There’s a sneak peek from the new book to whet your appetite

Cowardice of Crows on Half Term Countdown 23- 30 October

Grab a kindle bargain, this half term.

Guest blog post

I’ve a guest post on fellow KGHH author Sara Jayne Townsend’s blog. If you’re interested here’s the link


Newsflash: Competition (5/8/2017)

My lovely publisher is running a flash fiction competition to coincide with his Christmas Project: The 12 Days of Christmas, a book I’ve written a small story for – more later in the year about that. For futher details, do pop a long to his website and have a look. The prize for the best writer is quite interesting.


Cowardice of Crows – update 15/5/17. A new cover…

The Gentleman detective – a phrase synonymous with Lord Peter Wimsey and Sherlock Holmes. Following the evidence, using the technology of the day. Progressive in some respects but very much the product of their era. They inhabit a world where men were real men, and female sleuths wore fluffy pink shawls.

In a new century full of procedural dramas, with their hard bitten, hard drinking, world weary detectives, what’s needed is a flamboyant earl – with a nose for trouble and an eye for the one lady who’ll never say yes.

Meet Symington, Earl Byrd: Playboy. Gentleman. Detective.

Cowardice of Crows – Update 11/02/17

COC has had a bit of an edit thanks to feedback from some of my more discerning readers, and a change of book size – ready to head its way into more traditional book stores. This has seen the page count increase to 302, though the price stays the same.

More news when I have it.

Blogging Challenges:


My New Year’s Resolution is to blog more. But without support I just know I’m not going to manage it. So: I went to one of my writer’s group – the Gore Crew – and set a challenge. A micro blog – 250 words max. I suggested weekly. We all agreed monthly was best. Kenny, our illustrious publisher, said as it was my idea I could come up with the first challenge. I went with Imaginary Friend, and created a shiny graphic to accompany it. My take on the challenge is on More Than A Cat. Do pop and have a look.

I’ve also signed up for Cee’s Which Way Photo challenge, again hosted on More Than A Cat, and decided to give the idea of writing six word story here on this site.

Out Now

A christmas treat from my publisher. Read Me is a charity anthology from the writers at KGHH. It gives snippets of our published work and some of us have contributed a 500 word short story. An ideal chance for those of you out there that like to try before you buy.

My part of the ship is entitled: Death of a Lady (and the opening of Cowardice – for those of you still umming and ahhing about getting his first adventure). If you want to have a gander; here’s the link to Amazon

Latest News



Millicent Jones committed suicide… until a House of Commons cufflink is found wedged in her throat. Given Queen Victoria is dying, the last thing anyone needs is political scandal, which means there’s only one man for the job: Symington, Lord Byrd (playboy and gentleman detective). But someone far cleverer is one step ahead, and she has personal reasons for wanting Millie’s killer caught.

With suspects galore and no obvious solution Byrd and his cousin, Chief Inspector Sir Charles Carter, find themselves drawn into the criminal world of the Pawnbroker and his Apprentice: a world so seductive that Byrd is in danger of losing his soul