A cowardice of Crows: update

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Putting your manuscript in the hands of a third party is always a bit of a Rubicon moment. 

And its return always has me quoting Nitsche, like some mantra against the dark, as I read the editor’s comments.

 A month ago, I got the first pass back of Symington Byrd’s first novel.

 And between work and sleep, I picked up.my baby and made the changes needed to ensure A Cowardice of Crows emerged like Steve Austin:better,stronger, pacier  than.before.

Last night, following a last minute frenzy, which reminded me of my student days, i sent the manuscript back to the editor. 2000 words lighter and a page longer. Don’t ask. I don’t know. 

And now I wait. 

Is it better than before? Indubitably. You don’t have an editor and ignore them. Is it the best I can do? At the moment -yes. I.am still learning this writing craft.

Will you, dear reader, like it? 

I hope so. It’s a very different book to Aldwych Strand. The characters darker, more complex. The themes darker still. 

 Of course: only time will tell. But I have an inkling about Symington Byrd.


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