About Me

  I was born in Plymouth into a naval family. For the first thirteen years of my  life  I moved home every 18 months. Constantly the new kid in school, always saying goodbye to friends; I found a more stable world in books – devouring everything whether it be fact or fiction  from the works of Machiavelli, Winston Churchill, AJP Taylor and Christopher Hill to those of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers Alan Garner, and Terrance Dicks. I didn’t (and still don’t) mind what I read, as long as it takes me into a world where anything is possible. Such is my love of reading, that the AP’s always knew that if lost I  could be found sitting in the middle of a pile of books.

At university my professor told me I was not a historian in the traditional sense, but would use my love of history to write fiction. Ignoring him, I went into teaching to use my love of history on a day to day basis, writing the occasional article for the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. It wasn’t until a maternity cover as Head of English five years ago that I returned to writing as a stress relief. The result – the Aldwych Strand Trilogy and a publishing contract with Kensington Gore.

Youth Adventure/ Scifi

I write books for readers of all ages.  As far as I’m aware, the oldest reader is 95 and the youngest 11 (though there are rumours of my books being read to those even younger). I work on the premise that if you can’t write a story for adults, tell the story to children. And being brought up in the classic Philip Hinchcliffe era of Doctor Who – I’m  not afraid of including blood guts and gore in my tales. As you progress through the Aldwych Strand Trilogy, you will see Lucy and Mark enter a darker world where danger lurks around every corner.

Latest Work

Having completed the Aldwych Strand Trilogy, I turned my attention to the genre that captured my imagination as a child: Crime. The golden age to be precise. Published Summer 2016, I cordially welcome you to the world of Symington, Lord Byrd. A detective whose very existence is turned upside down when his cousin asks him to investigate the murder of Millicent Jones…

My Publisher

If you want to get in touch with Kensington Gore – please click here



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