Locations @ The End of The Pier

end of the pier affair1

Aldwych on the Strand3235702_origopened in 1907 as the Strand.Closed in 1994.


Edinburgh Castle Pub9074007Turned into a mission/shelterby Doctor Barnado


Downing Street

6910581_origNumber 10 (future home to Lloyd George)


Houndsditch6174694Scene of the worst police killings in history Sidney Street3737721_origThe siege was one of the consequences of the Houndsditch murders. Allegedly led by Peter Piaktow The Titanic814702set sail from Southampton on the10th of April 1912. Sank 5 days later
Dover Castle7875880built to ward off invasion, it opened in 1200. Southend Pierpier01The longest pleasure pier in the world

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