End of the Pier Affair


In this first instalment – first published July 2013, (available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback) Lucy and Mark are in their first year at college in Southend. This is an adventure in itself as until then, they have both spent their entire educational life on Canvey Island.7

As always, Lucy has teamed up with Mark to do a project on the history of Southend. It should have been a simple day out, getting photographs of the out of bounds section. But nothing is ever simple – is it?  When Lucy hurts herself exploring the sealed off lower deck, Mark (who knows he should know better) goes to her rescue. Only, neither of them is prepared for the adventure that awaits them as suddenly they’re not in Essex any more.  To make it worse, the teenagers have no money, no friends and only what they can remember from their history lessons to help them.

Desperate to get home, they end up in the East End of London in 1909, where one simple mistake inextricably links them to at least two
key figures of the 20th century.  Things get even more complicated when it becomes obvious that these 20th Century Greats – if left to their own devices – will destroy the Fabric of Time itself: thus making it impossible for Lucy and Mark to get back to 2013.

Then just when Mark thinks it couldn’t possibly get worse, it does; as he and Lucy discover a top secret facility below the doomed Aldwych Strand Underground station.

Click on the   two picture  to find out more about the other two books in the trilogy

             fff                  whitechapel cover


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