Mark and Lucy’s Guide to Canvey Island


Lucy and Mark were born, raised and educated on Canvey Island. It is an island of history, having first been occupied by the Romans and farmed for Oysters. Then came the Dutch, farming it in the 16th and 17th centuries – and slowly the population grew. By the 19th century there was a small but thriving community and plans to turn the island into one of the greatest seaside resorts in the country. Frederick Hester built the greenhouses of Wintergardens and a bright future seemed assured.

However, in  1953 disaster struck. The Great Surge Tide struck on the night of the 31st January – claiming 58 lives and flooding over 90% of the island. But Canvey survived. Sea defences were reinforced and renewed; people moved on to the island; the population grew; schools were built and the first of the three secondary schools (Furtherwick Park) opened in 1957.

Mark and Lucy went to one of the three secondary schools on the island. Some of you may think you know which one. I couldn’t possibly comment 🙂

For more information on Canvey please click here


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